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Living the Galungan way
7 April 2017

Galungan and Kuningan are among the most important Balinese ceremonies and I am so grateful to be able to witness these two ceremonies and the Balinese New Year, also called Nyepi, in the same trip! Preparing for Galungan For Galungan we were invited by my new Balinese friend Styawan, with whom I had already spent Nyepi […]

The sacred monkey forest of Sangeh
4 April 2017

As the kids are still getting used to Bali’s hot and humid weather and to the time difference, we decide to take it slowly with excursions. A nice half-day trip is to go to the monkey forest in Sangeh. It is much less crowded than monkey forest, though the atmosphere there is also quite different, […]

I usually never travel back to the same place I’ve already been abroad – with the exception of Bangkok. But this year we decided to go back to the house we rented near Ubud in 2011, when we started our monthly stays abroad with the kids during winter. The house we rent in Lodtunduh, just […]

Le voyage à Bali par Ulysse
2 April 2017

Après avoir écrit un premier article sur mon blog et m’avoir dit qu’il voulait en écrire tous les jours pendant son voyage en Asie, mon fils a décidé de créer son propre blog, intitulé ‘Les voyages d’Ulysse’. Vous pourrez donc découvrir nos voyages mais dans le regard d’un enfant de 12 ans. Allez donc découvrir son […]

With Leina, a former colleague from the EU institutions who is currently living in Bali, we decided to do a 2-day tour of the hidden beaches of Bali’s southern peninsula, known for its water temples and its secluded beaches. Where will we sleep tonight? We hopped on my bike and just went off in the […]

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