An introduction to aromatherapy: my first workshop
19 March 2017

I gave my first aromatherapy workshop this Sunday in Brussels, during the Zita Wellbeing Weekend, with 12 motivated and fantastic people. I was so excited and anxious at the same time, but it went really well and I want to share more of my love for and experiments with essential oils and vegetable oils in the future.

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Why use aromatherapy?

If you want to switch to only natural cosmetics, why not swap your expensive beauty cream for a mix of vegetable oils and essential oils? The possibilities are endless in creating a mix that fits your type of skin and still features your favourite scent. And it’s also cheaper!

We started out with a little introduction about the benefits of aromatherapy. Did you know for example that while most modern drugs only have one or two active ingredients, plants used in essential oils can have up to 200 active ingredients, giving them healing superpowers?

Aromatherapy products and uses

We went on to discover the 12 must-have essential oils and what their properties and uses are. They are: lemon, peppermint, tea tree, true lavender, ravintsara, thyme (tujanol), eucalyptus radiata, helichrysum, tropical basil, wintegreen, geranium, Roman chamomile.

Creation of a beauty serum

We discovered the various cosmetic and healing properties of vegetable oils, and applied all this newly acquired knowledge to create a beauty serum to take home. That last part felt like cooking in the kitchen of an Italian mama :-), as we would all shout out for ingredients and go and fetch them at the other end of the kitchen.

Aromatherapy workshop kit

Check out the 3 beauty serum recipes: Forever young, Sexy sweet, and Tonic twist

Next step: plan another workshop to introduce more people to the many benefits of aromatherapy. Tell me in the comments if you’d be interested!


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