Back to my favourite place in the world

I usually never travel back to the same place I’ve already been abroad – with the exception of Bangkok. But this year we decided to go back to the house we rented near Ubud in 2011, when we started our monthly stays abroad with the kids during winter. The house we rent in Lodtunduh, just south of Ubud is part of a compound of 5 traditional thatched roof houses called T House Kaja.

It hasn’t changed, or actually it has and it’s even better than last time. Such a peaceful place, a little zen jewel all to ourselves for the next couple of weeks. I’m so excited to be back there because it also means I’m reunited with my husband and the kids after 10 long days without them. I even got to pick them up at the airport with a car I borrowed from a friend here in Bali, like a boss – I really prefer driving a bike though here. The view is the best part of this house, directly on the rice fields. We even have our own mini temple!

To celebrate us being all together again, I took them for lunch at Onion Co, a great restaurant and co-working space with a pool and fast wifi. Just what you need with a fresh new blogger in the family! Ulysse has indeed just started his own blog on Medium to tell his version of our travel adventures: check it out!

And the next evening we went out with our neighbours for their last day in Bali, a super nice family of French-speaking Canadians, to eat at Clear Cafe, another great restaurant in Ubud, with a very long fireman’s pole which kept the kids busy for almost the entire evening 🙂

What’s your favourite place in Ubud?

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