Back to my favourite place in the world

I usually never travel back to the same place I’ve already been abroad – with the exception of Bangkok. But this year we decided to go back to the house we rented near Ubud in 2011, when we started our monthly stays abroad with the kids during winter. The house we rent in Lodtunduh, just south of Ubud is part of a compound of 5 traditional thatched roof houses called T House Kaja. Continue reading “Back to my favourite place in the world”

Biking my way through Bali’s terraced rice paddies, lush jungles and waterfalls

On Nyepi Day or Silence Day (28 March this year), all Bali goes into lethargy. Locals and tourists alike are not allowed to roam the streets, to take a car or bike, to use a stove or oven, to work and to make noise. It is a day for meditation and contemplation, but originally it was designed to trick the demons into thinking Bali was inhabited so they wouldn’t come and annoy the people on the island for the rest of the year. Cunning! Continue reading “Biking my way through Bali’s terraced rice paddies, lush jungles and waterfalls”

Routine or freedom: which one is more liberating?

I have had my fair share of travels in life, visiting Asia mainly, yet I have never, in my entire life, been on a solo trip to a far-away location. Actually the first time I traveled alone as an adult for leisure was last year when I did a fasting and hiking retreat in the South of France in the Spring.

So it is with a certain excitement and anxiety that I look forward to a full week of me-time in Bali – starting today. Traveling alone gives you the possibility to indulge in the craziest of lifestyles for a busy working mum of two: living for today, not knowing what you will do next, where you will go, what you will eat and who you will meet. Some also call this freedom 🙂 Continue reading “Routine or freedom: which one is more liberating?”

A la découverte des Alpilles en Provence

A l’occasion du long weekend de la Pentecôte je suis descendue en famille découvrir un petit coin de paradis sur Terre, les Alpilles en Provence. J’étais déjà passé par là rapidement, à l’Isle sur la Sorgue  l’été dernier, et j’avais été enchantée – et pas seulement parce que c’est la ville de naissance de mon poète préféré, René Char !

Cette fois, nous avons choisi de rester dans la nature, dans un joli mas traditionnel aux pieds des Alpilles. La vue du Mas des Cordeliers est époustouflante, et dès que l’on a dépassé le champ d’oliviers qui longe la maison, on est à flanc de montagne. Continue reading “A la découverte des Alpilles en Provence”