The Industries of the Future: a book review

As a former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State – a role that was specifically designed for him – innovation in all its forms and across the globe used to be Alec Ross’ bread and butter for several years. No wonder he’s turned this knowledge into his first book!

When he told me that The Industries of the Future was finally out I could sense relief blended with excitement in his message. So I got myself the book, curious to know which industries and which regions he would be focusing on. Continue reading “The Industries of the Future: a book review”

The limits of institutional reform in development: a book review


The idea of solutions emerging through responses to locally perceived problems sounds basic. It is, however, potentially revolutionary for designers of externally influenced institutional reform.” (p. 150)

Matt Andrew’s book on the Limits of Institutional Reform in Development is the kind of book only students or academics would read, by its cover. Yet it would be a pity if this book didn’t reach the hands of development professionals. Continue reading “The limits of institutional reform in development: a book review”

Toujours plus loin vers l’Est

Comment ferez-vous pour parler d’Orient quand vous y serez allé ?
– Matthias Enard, Boussole 

Il est des passions qui vous dévorent, d’autres qui vous définissent, d’autres enfin qui vous dépassent. Ma passion pour l’Orient fait peut-être écho à toutes celles-là ou à aucune. Difficile en effet de mettre des mots sur un courant qui coule, étrange et pénétrant, comme une rivière souterraine tout le long de votre parcours de vie, et auxquels font écho de nombreux autres courants coulant dans la même direction, avec lesquels pourtant vous ne vous sentez rien en commun. Continue reading “Toujours plus loin vers l’Est”

The impact of work conditions on human development in 2015

With the end of year festive season you may have missed the fact that United Nations Development Program (UNDP) published its Human Development Report on 14 December 2015.

This report is most famous for its Human Development Index (HDI), which lists countries on the basis of 3 development criteria – a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable and have a decent standard of living – and has been published since 1990. Continue reading “The impact of work conditions on human development in 2015”

Environmental economics for dummies

It’s quite rare you’ll find me reviewing a book on economics! I’m trying to make sense of the rather technical discussions around climate finance in the run-up to the Climate Conference, or COP 21, which will start end of November in Paris, so this is my small contribution to a better understanding of the international negotiations which we all hope will end up in a strong signal in favour of the planet’s and humanity’s long-term preservation. Continue reading “Environmental economics for dummies”