The royal court of Tiebele in Burkina Faso

Tiebele royal court and village

Last weekend I spent a day with a Prince in his court. If this conjures mental images ‘a la Disney’ then you’re quite off the mark, because the Prince I’m talking about is the son of the King of Tiebele in Burkina Faso and his court is a village deep in the African bush with little sign of its royal status other than the ornate luxury of its wall paintings. Continue reading “The royal court of Tiebele in Burkina Faso”

Le mystère graphique des fêtes foraines

Depuis la fin de l’enfance, je ne suis plus transportée de joie à l’idée d’aller à la fête foraine. Par contre, j’aime y passer du temps. C’est une expérience sociologique unique et l’occasion d’observer des lignes graphiques qui n’existent nulle part ailleurs, ni dans l’architecture, ni dans l’art, ni dans la nature.

La fête foraine comme microcosme graphique aime la photographie noir et blanc. La preuve par l’image au parc Walibi – pendant que les enfant eux, sont transportés de joie 🙂

Biking my way through Bali’s terraced rice paddies, lush jungles and waterfalls

On Nyepi Day or Silence Day (28 March this year), all Bali goes into lethargy. Locals and tourists alike are not allowed to roam the streets, to take a car or bike, to use a stove or oven, to work and to make noise. It is a day for meditation and contemplation, but originally it was designed to trick the demons into thinking Bali was inhabited so they wouldn’t come and annoy the people on the island for the rest of the year. Cunning! Continue reading “Biking my way through Bali’s terraced rice paddies, lush jungles and waterfalls”

Kyoto: the city of a thousand temples

I have no clue if anyone says this about Kyoto but after 3 days I can confirm that we’ve passed by hundreds of temples and we didn’t even visit half of Kyoto districts. 6 temples really stood out and these are the ones I’ll talk about below. There are surely many more worth your time, but we didn’t want to race through each temple and miss their unique atmosphere and scenery. Continue reading “Kyoto: the city of a thousand temples”

Un été en montagne

Plus que tout autre année mon été s’est déroulé sous le signe de la montagne. Cela m’a permis de découvrir une flore différente et passionnante (comestible et/ou médicinale), mais également de recharger les batteries d’une autre manière, par de la marche, de la natation et beaucoup de paysages grandioses à absorber. La montagne nous rend humble mais, étrangement, je la trouve bien plus reposante que l’océan. Continue reading “Un été en montagne”

Celebrating Earth Day 2015 in the magical Hallerbos

It was just the perfect time of the year in the Hallerbos today, a small wood around 30min south of Brussels: the bluebells were in full blossom, and their scent was subtle but persistent. The sky was clear and the air was crisp and slightly breezy. There were lots of other lovely forest flowers to create a beautiful tapestry of colours, textures and fragrances. Continue reading “Celebrating Earth Day 2015 in the magical Hallerbos”