Celebrating Earth Day 2015 in the magical Hallerbos

It was just the perfect time of the year in the Hallerbos today, a small wood around 30min south of Brussels: the bluebells were in full blossom, and their scent was subtle but persistent. The sky was clear and the air was crisp and slightly breezy. There were lots of other lovely forest flowers to create a beautiful tapestry of colours, textures and fragrances.

I think the flower carpet will still be around for a couple more days but not more, so hurry up! We even saw a deer, which is truly a miracle considering how much noise my kids were making in the forest.

Practical info

My friend Claudio made some wonderful pictures yesterday in the morning. It’s probably the best time of the day to see the Hallerbos. Sundown is great too though if the day has been hot the bluebells will look a bit worn out.

Finding the place with a GPS is a piece of cake, Claudio tells me it’s quite easy by public transportation too but I hear the bus only operates during week days. More information at www.hallerbos.be.

What did you do today to celebrate Earth Day 2015?

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