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  1. Design thinking is big in the Silicon Valley, and it’s getting big in Europe too, at least in the tech and digital business. I share your frustration, but at the same time… there are good examples of design thinking in policy from the UK. Have you ever come across this? binäre optionen deutscher broker

    1. Yes of course, the UK is in the lead here in Europe, with the Government Digital Service (GDS) doing a great job, and the gov.uk being awarded several times. They were an inspiration when we redesigned the website of the European Council 🙂 But even at the UK government design thinking is still marginal.

      1. GDS is great when it comes to digital transformation, but for broader applications of HCD to policy/services the danish government’s MindLab was the first (i think) – binary options trading platform demo
        Policy lab (UK gov) is also advancing the approach ‘in-house’ – optionen handeln beispiel

        And before we get carried away, a word of caution on HCD and development assistance – binäre optionen finanzen I don’t agree with all of Panthea’s points but it is good food for thought.

        1. Yes, Mindlab have been doing great work in Denmark, but even though they’re fully recognised, I see little mass movement there to integrate design thinking or similar HCD approaches to all policy fields. I brought one of Mindlab’s early project managers, Runa Sabroe, to talk to people in Brussels a couple of years ago, when I was working for the EU Council.
          Will have a look at the SSIR link, thanks!

  2. Even the European Commission is setting up its own Policy Design Lab at the Joint Research Centre under the leadership of Xavier Troussard!

    This was, amongst others, a key recommendation of this report: bds wiss

    Happy to introduce you!

    1. Great news Prabhat! Would love to meet Xavier and see how we can get the design of development projects on the radar of the new Commission lab if there is interest from my DG.