Discovery of southern Morocco


Our road trip from Marrakech to the border of Algeria and back was a lot of fun. Just hubby and myself, the desert, some water and a bag of those scrumptious Moroccan pastries 🙂

Marrakech medina

In Marrakech we stayed in a quaint riad in the north of the old town, Riad Al Andaluz. It only has three rooms, a small pool and a great roof terrace for a very reasonable price.

Southern Morocco and the dunes of Merzouga

In Ouarzazate, we stayed in the most amazing kasbah called Dardaif, managed by a French guide and his Moroccan wife. You can’t stay anywhere else in Ouarzazate, believe me!

The best part of Morocco is when you discover places no one really takes the time to visit, and in the Atlas and the southern part of the country, it’s not that rare. Precious moments to cherish…

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