[Guest post] These social media statistics are mind boggling: see them rise in real time

After the success of my post on social media trends for government communicators in 2016 I received my first proposal for a guest post from Zuzana Padychova.

Zuzana is a self-professed glocal marketer helping international SMEs to adapt and execute their global business strategies in local markets. With a focus on digital marketing and trade shows, Zuzana has worked with teams from 27 countries over 5 continents so far and coordinated a participation of companies in 30+ trade shows in 10 countries. I was very jealous when I heard from Zuzana that she currently lives in Bali, my favourite place in the world 🙂

She drew my attention to this social media in real time counter and I thought it would be great if she could present it to you herself.

So here it is, my first guest post!


Social media has had such an impact on the world that it’s changing some of the core ways society interacts. Whether it’s the way we socialize with friends and family, how we consume and gather news media, or the method by which brands and celebrities market themselves – Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are currently at the forefront of our daily lives.

While other technologies have long given us the ability to communicate over vast distances, the interconnectedness of social media is a new phenomenon. Nobody used to pick up the phone and call a random person in the Middle East to discuss politics. Yet those same two people can interact and get their voices heard by thousands of others with the simple typing of a hashtag. It’s this global reach that makes the rise of social media so fascinating. Indeed, on August 24, 2015, roughly 14% of the entire world’s population logged in to their Facebook accounts.

Yet despite such impressive statistics it’s difficult to put it all in to perspective. One new tool that hopes to change all that is the social media in real time counter from Coupofy. Based on the latest publicly available data, it takes the top 9 networks on the internet and shows the user their growth in real time.

As the counter ticks on by, you can literally see the rising number of status updates, tweets and other social activities before your very eyes.

Take for example leading video sharing site YouTube. In just one minute of the counter ticking the site averaged 3 million new views across the platform, 694,440 of which were from mobile devices. Photo based social network Instagram experienced 55,560 new images uploaded in the same timeframe, 60,000 comments and a whopping 2 million likes. Facebook, which is currently the most active social network, more than doubled Instagram with 136,020 photos uploaded. It also saw 292,980 status updates, 49,980 of which were shared links, and 150,000 private messages. 100,020 friend requests were also made, though we don’t know how many were accepted.

As well as real time, users can also see projected data for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, and a year. At its current rate Twitter would expect to host upwards of 182 billion tweets in a year. The biggest available statistic comes from YouTube, which is projected to receive 1,460 billion video views across the site in a year.

Unsurprisingly it is celebrities that have the largest followings and create the most buzz on social media. Katy Perry is currently the most followed person on Twitter, with over 78.4 million followers. At her current rate, one year down the line she could have a further 14 million followers! Over on Facebook it is soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who has the most likes to his page, a staggering 108 million! At his current rate he could add another 6 million by this time next year. Quite what this all means is anybody’s guess. In theory Katy Perry could sway a Presidential election or prompt people to solve world hunger. On the other hand she could just say “hey check out my new song.”

One thing’s for sure though, the rise of social media is nowhere near its peak and its full effect on society has yet to be fully understood.

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