I have a dream… of a children’s Wikipedia about the European Union

Heart-shaped EU flagNow most of you probably dream of winning the lottery, so the title of my blogpost might just sound very corny in its own way, but this is my new bugbear and I’d like to share it with you to get some idea-sourcing on it and generate interest / volunteers.

What the EU is all about in the language of a 6-year old

The idea is the following: whenever I try to explain to my kids or to non EU friends what the European Union is all about, I stumble upon two main obstacles.

  • The first one is the language and the vocabulary; being already in the Brussels bubble, I find it hard to describe what the EU does, how it is functioning and what its benefits are in a language accessible to a 6-year old.
  • The second obstacle is linked to the available iconography: although there are some really good visuals and videos scattered here and there on the Internet, there is not one single repository for multimedia content on the European Union, multimedia being a more accessible form of content for smaller children (and often also adults).

The European Union in wiki format?

Now you may argue that there are several children corners on the websites of the EU institutions. These however are not written at all for a junior audience and frankly, they do not present the topics in a way that reflects the kinds of questions 3rd graders have. I am looking for a really targeted product, and one that can grow as the number of contributors naturally grows. Which is why the wiki concept best embodies not only the technical requirements of this kind of project, but also the philosophy behind it.

Since I couldn’t find such a website or wiki on the Internet, I just thought: “Why not launch the project of a children’s Wikipedia dedicated to the European Union?” It would be available in English to start with and fed by enthusiastic volunteers, with the idea of extending it to all official EU languages in the medium-term, and why not (let’s dream on!) under the high patronage of the Wikipedia Foundation?

As a European and a parent, I take a lot of pride in explaining to my children the achievements of the European Union and the positive example it has set worldwide. I just wish I had more fun educational material that I could avail myself of and share with other like-minded parents.

So… are you in?

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