Mighty trees and their discreet neighbours in the Woluwe Park

Tree in the woluwe park

To celebrate Spring, I went for a walk in the beautiful Woluwe Park opposite my house with hubby. I had read earlier during the day that the park boasts a number of remarkable trees, including a giant sequoia and a silver linden tree. I decided I would pay these mighty trees a visit.

It was a great idea because the weather was just perfect yesterday. Herons, rabbits and other less timid inhabitants of the park greeted us on the way – or maybe it was just Spring they were excited about 🙂

The giant sequoia was not so hard to find. You can’t hide a 33m tall tree with a circumference of over 6m! Its needles were bright to dark green and it seemed to be in better shape than older specimens I have encountered long long time ago, in another life, while visiting California when I was a kid.

My favourite remarkable tree in the park at this moment of the year is the silver linden tree that overlooks one of the paths in the park. Its powerful limbs extend far out and it’s rather incredible that it hasn’t tipped over yet with the weight of one of its huge branches.

The pictures of the park and its forest areas, however evocative, cannot alas convey the rich scents of Spring, the ambient humidity that helps lichen and mushrooms proliferate, the chirping and the scratching of forest dwellers surrounding us. Go and experience it for yourself, and let me know if you discover other mighty trees I should pay a visit to.

According to this inventory, there are almost 150 remarkable trees in the Woluwe Park.

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