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Public service innovation

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I firmly believe that public service should reflect citizens’ behaviours and needs as closely as possible. Change and innovation are therefore not only possible, but they’re the only way forward.

Demonstrating concrete benefits for citizens and partners

Through my work at EUROCONTROL, the European air traffic management agency, I have experienced first-hand how citizens and stakeholders value a direct, user-focused approach to their needs. Social media channels should be used to offer concrete and immediate benefits to users, and not as a mere hype.

Growing an internal community of staff to support business decisions and strengthen an organisation’s brand positioning is another great move institutions should seriously consider of they wish to evolve and leverage in-house knowledge.

Changing the public service culture

Civil servants should constantly have two elements in mind: customer-focus and constant service improvement. An open mind and a desire to learn are essential if public service wish to adapt to the rapidly changing outside world and to more and more demanding citizens.

A new culture needs to emerge among civil servants if public institutions wish to embrace change instead of fighting it or constantly lagging behind, a culture which encourages innovation, creativity, solution-oriented rather than process-oriented work, and reasonable transparency.

Social media

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Social media is not just a new communication channel, it’s a world of its own. It is now an integral part of my work and thinking patterns, and I’m sharing my experience in various master classes and conferences.

Here are some of the topics I am exploring in relation with social media:

  • social media and corporate communications
  • social media and crisis communications
  • the impact of social media on corporate culture
  • driving public innovation through social media

Here are some of the authors and thinkers that have inspired my social media practice:

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