The new cyborg: the controversial truth about life with a smartphone

Rereading my post title I just realised that “life with a smartphone” sounds just like “life with an alcoholic husband” or “life with a bearded woman”. It raises the smartphone to the status of life partner, which is precisely not exactly what I’ll be talking about. But I’m certainly not going to discourage you from having this impression, we’ll see why.

The natural versatility of a smartphone

No need for car keys anymore – your smartphone does the trick!

Everything has probably been said about the versatility of the modern smartphone, but it struck me in the car today on my way back home that I have become much more dependent on this tool than I would have originally thought.

It is not only for the traditional good reasons – you know, that it’s a phone, that it connects to the Internet, that you can take pictures with it. It’s also not for the geek reasons – that you can control remotely up to 7 household devices or that you can use your smartphone to sync files among your PCs.

The list of what I do with a smartphone – recognise yourself?

No, the reason why smartphones will become like extensions of our body and our personality is less obvious. It is because of what you can do with smartphones that is not written in any guide that these tools don’t leave our pockets anymore.

Here is my list of daily things I do with a smartphone, would love to hear about yours!

  • I use it as an alarm clock
  • I use it as a mirror (whether with an app or just the black screen of my iPhone)
  • I use it as a light to find my car’s keyhole in the parking
  • I use it to alert me of any urgent tasks
  • I use it to remind myself of my list of things to buy when I enter specific shops
  • I use it to check the weather for the next hour or so
  • I use it to store book references or Internet bookmarks for future reads
  • I use it to listen to music in my car (I’ve got an old tape autoradio with a special tape I can hook to my iPhone – et voilà !)
  • I use it to convert currencies or metrics
  • I use it as a GPS (but not using a specific GPS app, just the in-built Google maps)
  • I use it like a personal coach to practice my Chinese and my Thai</li>
  • I use it to select the next movie I’m going to watch at the DVD store or in a theatre nearby
  • I use it as a cookbook
  • and more…

If I was a psychologist or interested in that field, I’d probably have titled this post ‘Tell me what mobile apps you have and I’ll tell you who you are’. I believe though it goes beyond owning apps, it’s a special bond that you progressively construct with your device. Did you ever feel ‘naked’ not being able to use your smartphone in a place or having forgotten it somewhere? Then you know what I mean…

The weird things you can do with a smartphone

Then there are also very odd things a smartphone will do and which I’ll probably never know about, such as making an echography, blowing candles, testing your level of alcohol in blood, etc. Here are some links to explore these weird or unusual things you can do with a smartphone:

Curious to hear what you are using it for and if you too feel that it is becoming harder and harder to not use it in your daily life.

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