The summer reading list: can it get more personal?

Well, here we go again! Almost 15 months after my last blog post, I am here, blogging away although I lost hope that I would ever succumb to the blogging fever again. But like all good things in life, they haunt you back, and here is the latest blog post of the new me.

The reason why I’ve picked up blogging is that I’m involved in a couple of projects  and activities in which I have greatly benefitted from reading about people’s experiences on their blogs. So I thought I’d return the favour, and even if blogging does sometimes look like a solitary occupation, I’m pretty confident my writings will be picked up by someone out there in need of advice, thanks to the magic of search engines.

But to ease my way back into the habit I decided to start with a mundane blog post about my summer reading list. Did I ever mention I love lists? Yes, lists are one of my bad habits, my right side of my brain taking total control in those – I have to admit with relief – rare moments where I enjoy creating lists and lists of, well, stuff.

Tell me what you are reading and I will tell you who you are: really?

Reading a book is like oxygen to me. With a busy professional and family life, I view reading as a highly enjoyable yet seemingly useless activity. Therefore I choose my books carefully for the summer break. But does the choice of a book really tell anything about who you are and what you think?

If so, what does the following list say about me?

  • Wilt 3 and 4, by Tom Sharpe: probably the funniest (in a weird sense) book character I have ever met
  • The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries: yes, I’m working on something (as usual, no?)
  • Hard choices, by Hilary Clinton: I wanted to check whether this book could become the next “Diplomacy”
  • Vers la sobriété heureuse, by Pierre Rabhi: a humanist with an interesting life philosophy
  • Homework – Handbuilt Shelter, by Lloyd Kahn: inspiration from all around the world on building your own house
  • The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas: oldy, but goody.

So, can you guess what I’m up to right now? 🙂

If you have read any of these books or if you want to share your summer reading list, we could start a conversation. Shoot!

PS: It feels damn good to be back 😉

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