Mountain high or valley low, if there is adventure,  nature and culture, you’ll probably find me on that path!

I’ve travelled all my life; first with my parents, criss-crossing the globe, then as a young adult, back-packing my way through Asia mostly, and now as a parent, teaching my kids what the world really looks like when you don’t see it through the prism of a screen or the news.

I occasionally share travel tips, but mostly I prefer to only share pictures and thus keep the gems I encounter hidden from more tourism and more potential destruction of the local culture and/or surrounding nature.

Here are some of the countries you can find articles about on my blog:

Bali   |   Belgium   |   Burkina Faso   |   Cambodia   |   Dominican Republic   |   France   |   Germany   |   Italy   |   Japan   |    Morocco  |   Spain   |   Sri Lanka   | Switzerland  |   Thailand  |   United States