Why I’ll never own an iPhone – at least not this year

Iphone addiction comicIt’s already hard getting away from my newly acquired MBP (Macbook Pro – I didn’t know what it meant last month too don’t worry ;-)), but just imagine if I owned an iPhone:

  • Kids – oh, I have kids?
  • Sex – yes, I do remember something about that in biology class 15 years ago…
  • Social life – well, I do have tons of friends (on Facebook), fans (on Twitter) and colleagues (on Linkedin), ok that doesn’t count then 🙁
  • Books – isn’t that what computers used to be called before?
  • and the list goes on…

So please, all my friends with iPhones, I need to be convinced – how do you manage to keep a fair balance between the people who really count in your life and that addictive tool?

PS: I recall a conversation with a French CEO some years ago who didn’t want to have a cellphone. He told me that one of the privileges of being important is that you have the right not to be reached and that this actually creates the desire. So I guess my wishful title is all about that – creating the desire for more of me, in real life rather than on the phone or on the Internet…

PPS: well well, as some of you know Santa Claus brought me a nice iPhone that winter… but hey, it wasn’t me, I promise!

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